The Fisherman's Catch

When is it okay to take something from someone that does not belong to you? What is the difference between a hand out and a hand up?

See a new kind of children's book that focuses on asking questions that have escaped today's politicians.

Han is a simple fisherman who, after a lot of trial and error, comes up with a very successful method of catching fish.

Before long the village chief decides that the fisherman is becoming too wealthy and starts taking the fisherman's fish.

Buy the children's book that is set to become a classic in your home, teaching children that real wealth comes from hard work and determination not silly government programs.

Recommended ages : 2 to 13

This book has been praised by Conservatives all across the nation. It has 34 Illustrated Pages, and teaches over 20 Economic Concepts.

Shows what happens when a society moves from being productive and hard working to one which relies on those that produce.

Perfect as a Story for the young at heart, or a teaching tool for those twelve and older!